We collect and preserve Heritage seeds, ancient and open-pollinated varieties.

The majority of the seeds we offer come from our naturally grown garden. No GMOs, no fertilizers, no synthetic insecticides, or herbicides. Above all, we believe in biodiversity!

To protect the purity of a line of a variety, we bag the flowers and pollinate them ourselves.


Life is creative and it may still be possible, in a very small percentage and despite us, that cross-pollination has occurred. You can, of course, choose to preserve this new variety and fix it. Don't forget to find a name for it, other than the original variety!

Due to the inability to produce some seeds for reasons of space or stock shortages, approximately 15% of the seeds we sell come from other producers who are either certified organic or have the same cultivation practices as us: always without GMOs, fertilizers, insecticides, or synthetic herbicides.

We regularly perform germination tests, and do not sell seeds with a germination rate of less than 70%, unless it is specific to the plant.

As our seeds are prepared by hand, there may be crop debris in your envelope; this does not affect germination or seed quantity.

Our seeds are reproducible. You can preserve and share them around you.

Let's take care of life, one seed at a time!