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You will find rare, heirloom and open-pollinated seeds, naturally grown,
to add an unusual or traditional touch to your garden!

Let's take care of life, one seed at a time!

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Eggplants and peppers
Beets and Spinach
Bok Choi, lettuce, kales, turnips and radishes
Ground cherry and Tomatillo
Cucumbers, summer squash, winter squash and melon
Fine herbs, flowers and medicinal plants
Beans and peas
Leeks and onions
Our tomato collection
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Several of our micro-dwarf varieties are back in stock!

How do I place my order?
Make sure that your address is well written and complete, a bad address or incomplete, entails delays and additional costs, which will be invoiced to you, in the event of the obl...
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The cultivation of garlic bulbils
The advantage of bulbils is the high yield for the price, as well as the absence of soil-borne diseases. A great way to regenerate a strain! And cultivate your patience, because it...
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