For 15 years, we have taken care of our garden naturally and preserved heirloom seeds  and open-pollinated varieties.

All the pictures come from our garden, if some varieties have not yet been done, it is because we were too busy savoring them! We will try to remedy this during the next growing season.

We garden naturally: without GMOs, without synthetic fertilizers or herbicides, without insecticides. We believe above all in biodiversity! We use applications of plants in mulch or liquid manure (horsetail, comfrey, nettle). We intervene as little as possible, our watering is reduced to the strict minimum. Thus, we produce plants resistant to the various hazards of life in the garden.

We garden while disturbing soil life as little as possible, with the addition of compost and plant mulch on the surface. We do the no-dig gardening. Our natural garden is bursting with life!

To protect the purity of a strain's lineage, we bag the flowers and do the pollination ourselves.

Life is creative and it may remain possible, in a very small percentage and despite us, that a cross pollination occured. You can of course choose to preserve this new variety and fix it. Don't forget to find a name for it, other than that of the starting variety!

Our seeds are reproducible. You can preserve them and share them around you.

We believe that every gesture counts to preserve the planet! This is why our seed envelopes are made from recycled kraft paper. For shipping, we have chosen to use fully recyclable padded envelopes.

Let's take care of life, one seed at a time!